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All Hands In

Committed to building long term sustainable relationships

Investment & Partnerships

Our team is made up of committed individuals dedicated to the swim challenge and creating positive change for a brighter future for children, young adult and our planet.

Our key values make up who we are.

We believe to be successful you must build relationships with motivated team players who believe in long term sustainable relationships, interested in growing a solid and diverse collaboration, in which challenges do not phase them and they thrive in creating solutions.

We value the time dedicated to our project from potential investors and partners and believe in giving back the same.

Our mission is to help elevate your business and lay down foundation that we can continue to build on over time.

We are in for the long haul, we hope you are too. 

OKey Values

Mental health & wellbeing 

Long term relationships

Exploring new businesses and ventures

Global ambition


Giving back & community

If you feel you share the same values as us and are interested in our investment program click HERE to receive our investment and partnership layout.

We look forward ti hearing from you

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