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Trees From Above

Our Promise

for a cleaner more sustainable planet

Plastic Polluted Ocean

No Plastic No Waste!


We are passionate about leading by example and doing our part in keeping our beaches and waters clean. 


The Five Island Swim is a plastic & waste free event.

We have regular beach cleans set up on local beaches where Lisa will be training. Click HERE to see your closest beach clean, meet Lisa and show your support for The Five Island Swim. 

Planet Sustainability

We strive to limit the environmental impact we have on our planet and will use the swim to demonstrate how through social media, online and live talks, beach cleans and advertisement of related partners. 

Our team is dedicated to helping build a greener more sustainable future, while continuously educating ourselves on how to take more efficient steps in the right direction. Click HERE to find out about latest talks & events.

Wind Turbines on Water
Image by Hannah Busing

Sustainable Relationships

We believe in building longterm sustainable relationships with partners and investors who share the same key values and ethos as us. 

We are committed to fair exchange and the wellbeing of others by creating strong, consistent relationships with those who strive for longterm achievement & global ambition. Click HERE to read more about our investment partnerships.

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