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"The Ocean has the ability to heal. I'm going to use it to do just that"
- Lisa Shaw

Long distance open water swim athlete Lisa Shaw will embark on a mammoth challenge of becoming the first person to swim the circumference of each of the five Balearic Islands situated in the Mediterranean. A total distance of 860km.


Her drive: to build awareness of trauma and PTSD in children and young adults in support of Young Minds UK 

The Islands 

1st round: Formentera 72 km

2nd round: Menorca 185 km

3rd round: Ibiza 260 km

4th round: Mallorca 312 km

5th round: Cabrera 25 km

Lisa will swim around the first island, Formentera a total distance of 72km in September 2022. She will swim non stop for 24hrs unassisted.

The Mission

To help offer children a brighter, fuller more confident future as to where they feel in control of their traumas and triggers.

Lisa is dedicated to raising awareness and educating a wider audience on child PTSD, a mental health condition overlooked and misunderstood. Lisa has teamed up with Young Minds UK the UK's leading children's mental health charity and will be involving herself in their campaigns. The money raised will go towards YoungMinds Fund The Hub Campaign as to where YoungMinds are calling for a network of early support hubs across the country, which would provide young people somewhere to go when they first start to struggle with their mental health. Currently the waitlist for children to be seen on the NHS is 2 years and with rising numbers of child suicide these hubs could not be anymore curtail. To learn more about Fund The Hub Campaign click HERE

Lisa's Background

Lisa Shaw is a long distance swim athlete who has spent her whole life pursuing her love for the ocean.


After being introduced to the sea at the early age of 1, Lisa quickly became a competitive swimmer and went on to winning 4 gold and 2 silver medals in backstroke, front crawl and butterfly for the county of Devon. From this it was a natural progression to enter into the world of surfing, where she competed within bodyboarding until she was 16. Lisa then stepped away from competition all together and began to explore long distance open water swimming as a hobby.

Growing up in the Balearic Islands, Lisa was surrounded with the beauty and wonder of the Mediterranean sea. She would find herself heading out for swims of 8km which over time grew further in distance. These days a normal swim for Lisa would be anything between 8 - 15km.


Lisa was diagnosed with PTSD in 2016, believed to have stemmed from her childhood. The connection she feels with the ocean has played the biggest part in helping her conquer her PTSD. Swimming has now become the main support of her mental health for the past 18 years. Her focus now is to help children avoid growing up with their traumas challenging them into their late years, and help them take back control from an early age so they can live a fuller and brighter life. 

Meet The Team

You can't accomplish such a challenge on your own. It takes a whole team that supports and accompanies Lisa on the boat. The first swim around Formentera will take approximately 24hrs and the team will provide Lisa with water, food, medical surveillance and - most important - with mental support, helping her to push through.

Each team member has kindly offered their time and skills to this project voluntarily to be dedicated to Lisa and do their part in helping create a brighter future for our next generation. 


Abi Adams

Performance Manager

Abi Adams is a female health healer, educator and lover of emotional 
health. Abi is elevating Lisa's hormonal vitality by syncing Lisa with 
her menstrual cycle and feminine wisdom, elevating her strength and 
resilience for a seriously strong and fun swim.

Abi's passion and background are in movement, feminine health, and 
emotional wellbeing. She is also the founder of Prøject Wøman; a space 
where every woman is seen, heard, valued and offered unbias health 
choices, leading to a life of greatness.


Claudia Froehling

Project Manager

Claudia is taking care of all our organizational issues as our project manager. 

She is the contact for overall issues, coordinating the team and keeping track of the ongoing tasks. 

Claudia is a passionate host and uses her talent for improvisation to handle unforeseen situations, always striving for the best solution. Keeping the eye on the big picture she ensures a smooth operation, making sure all needs are met.


Ashley Roy

Nutritional therapist

Ashley is a Nutritional Therapist, passionate about simplifying the nutritional noise. She believes in a personalised + unique approach to nutrition, aligned with your individual lifestyle and health or performance goals.


Ashley works 1:1 with Lisa, ensuring she has optimal nutrition in place to support her training + the demands she is placing on her body. During the swim itself, she will ensure Lisa is fuelled effectively at all times to provide her with the nourishment required to reach her goal.

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